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Jin was a sweetheart. Not just to you, but to your son too. Sometimes he was a little too sweet. He would say yes to something you already said no to and it would cause a slight altercation. This time though, it went way to far. The issue was blown out of proportion and created a two week argument between you and your son. He never said the words, I hate you, but you knew he was thinking it the whole time.

You could see it written all over his face. Your frustration with your son also manifested in a kind of disgust with Jin. You make me look bad and now our son hates me. Originally posted by seokjins-wings. Yoongi had always been the stricter parent. He was the one who said no, why was she taking it out on you?

Of course, you agreed with him parents gotta be a united front and all thatbut she was giving you both the silent treatment this time around and you found it a little uncalled for.

You were trying to talk to her one day, but after a while of ignoring you, she just got up and stormed away muttering under her breath. What the hell did you do? What did I do? What if she just hates me forever?

Now please go to sleep. You may or may not have bribed her with ice cream though. Originally posted by yoongiyi. That, and she never finishes anything. She flits from one thing to the next like no one is spending money on her when she picks up these hobbies. She needed to learn to see things through. There were only a few lessons left anyway, then she could quit. But to her that sounded like a death sentence. It was the first time anything like that had ever happened. Normally she was so quiet and polite.

Hoseok was also extremely upset.Thank you for the request! Originally posted by bwiseoks. So when he saw his daughter run on stage, his first reaction would be one of protection, scooping her up and putting his back to the audience slightly whilst taking her to the side of the stage. Originally posted by vminv. Hoseok: Him and his child would literally be the exact same person, all screams and cuddles.

Originally posted by jiminb. Originally posted by baebsaes. Originally posted by renbts Throughout the song the two would be playing together, occasionally singing his parts but mostly just holding her hand as she played with the mic or his towel. By the end of the song the boys would be in hysterics laughing at the two of them, shouting at him to pay attention and having to carry their niece off stage themselves when he ignored everyone.

Originally posted by jeonsshi. Originally posted by comfyjimin. BTS Reaction when their daughter runs on stage during a performance Thank you for the request!

Permalink notes. April 15, Posted by leadermon bts bangtan bts reacts bts reactions bts reaction bts scenarios bts imagines taehyung bts v namjoon rap monster seokjin jin suga bts suga yoongi hobie hoseok j hope jimin bts jimin jungkook jeongguk Show Notes arikieluniverse liked this.Jin: Jin called you after his practice, asking if you wanted to eat dinner.

He was confused when he heard someone, that sounded strangely like his mother call out to you.

bts reaction to their child calling you mommy

You told him that you were at his parents house, that his mother had insisted in teaching you how to cook some of his favorite meals. Throughout all that scolding, Jin had a huge smile on his face.

Hearing his mom say such kind words about you filled his heart with so much happiness. Take care of your girlfriend more! And how come she has to go to me to cook your favorite foods! Seokjin, I thought I taught you better than that! You come here for dinner! Originally posted by jjeonguk. He would be even more surprised to hear that she was out shopping with you. His family always wanted what they thought was best, so they were very critical of everything he did; academics, music, even relationships.

So, you could probably tell how confused, yet relieved Yoongi was to hear his mother talk to kindly of you.

BTS Reactions

Treat her right. I always treat her with love. Thank you. Originally posted by sugasuite. You had told him you were out with both his mom and his sister and had already eaten. Hoseok would inwardly be so happy that you were getting along with him family, but scared since this was your first time without him around. His heart would swell up, and he would let you go to spend time with his favorite people. Take care of my mom and sister for me. I love you so much! Originally posted by btsleepy.

He loved that you and his mom were so close to each other. He loved that you were considered a part of the family so quickly. He remembered the moment that his mother took him aside, warning him to never let you go. His mother adored you and loved you like a child. And while he loved that his mother was excited to accept you as part of the family, she was a bit too excited. Aish, eomma, what if she heard us right now? The surprise would be ruined! Jimin: Jimin was waiting patiently, scratch that, rather impatiently waiting for you to come to your shared apartment.

You had told him while he was practicing that his mother asked you out for lunch. This was your first time being alone with his mother and he was nervous as to why she wanted you. Which was why he was to quick to reach his phone once it started ringing. Jimin was surprised to hear his mother laughing and you giggling in the background. She then proceeded to tell Jimin how much fun you two had together and how you both completely forgot about the time.

Ah, young love. You sweethearts are adorable.Namjoon sighed loudly, stretching and rubbing his face. Namjoon followed after you. Namjoon leaned against the door frame, having thrown on a pair of sweatpants that hung loosely on his hips. You nodded, shushing your son as your rocked him back and forth and rubbed the back of his head. Namjoon nodded. It was hard on both you and your daughter having Jin away on tour. You missed your best friend and his kisses and cuddles at night, and your daughter missed his hugs and tickles.

She was having a really hard time sleeping alone in her bed, waking up from nightmares almost every night drenched in sweat and crying.

bts reaction to their child calling you mommy

One night it was particularly bad when she woke up screaming and you rushed to her bedroom. She would not stop crying no matter what you did. You held her for nearly an hour, rocking her and trying to show her videos of Daddy from YouTube, but she would not sob shaking or sobbing. Not knowing what else to do, you face timed Jin even though it was the middle of the day where he was and he could very likely be in the middle of something important. To your relief, he answered the call. He frowned when he saw his crying daughter clinging to your neck.

Why are you crying? Your daughter wiped her nose with her hands, sniffling. You hugged her in your lap, helping her hold up the phone so Jin could see you both.

Not much longer. I love you so much! He was so warm and comfortable sleeping with his hands under your shirt and pressed against your skin. But, the sounds of his young daughter shouting for him made him slowly sit up.

He gently unwrapped himself from around you and got out of bed, still half asleep. While walking down the hall, his daughter suddenly burst from her room and ran into his legs without seeing him. Yoongi grunted, stumbling back a bit before catching his balance. Sighing, Yoongi hoisted her on his hip and rocked her back and forth.

She snuggled against his shoulder, wiping her tears and snot on his t-shirt. Grimacing, he took her to the bathroom to wipe off her face and hands. Nothing is going to happen to you. After cleaning her tear stained face, he picked her back up.

Yawning, Yoongi walked down the stairs to his studio and punched in the code to get in. He ended up sitting at his desk with his headphones on, his baby sleeping against his chest as he typed out lyrics late into the night. Hoseok woke up to someone poking his arm. He frowned, opening his eyes slightly. Can I sleep with you and Mommy?This is all fiction! So please just keep that in mind when reading and enjoy!

Originally posted by hoseokjhs. You smile shyly, their compliment making your cheeks warm. She runs straight to Yoongi.

♡BTS & Stray Kids & Monsta X Reactions♡

She squirms, a loud laughter vibrating from her. Still pouting, Jo mumbles. All eyes now turn to you and Hoseok, and you can see how badly they all want to burst out laughing. Jungkook is the first one to break, followed by the rest of them - including Hoseok. You glare at him, gently kicking him under the table, urging him to say something. Anything really, to fix this situation or at least make it a little less awkward. Originally posted by ohjiminn. You are only listening with half an ear while you are playing on the floor with Isabella.

Izza is currently playing hairdresser with her dolls. Their poor heads enduing the torture of her dragging the brush through their hair, a few good chunks coming off here and there. All heads turning to the small three year old. Jungkook freezes momentarily, trying to think of a time where she might have heard him say that.

You pick her up from the floor, and while leaving the room to go upstairs, you can hear the boys laughing and teasing Jungkook about your antics in the bedroom. Originally posted by kimvante. You place the cup of tea in front of Namjoon and he tells you a quick thank you before taking a sip of the hot liquid.

Namjoon brought his kids, Jamie and Sofia over for a playdate with Daniel, and its not often the kids really get to play with each other with the boys busy lives, so you take full advantage of the time they can. Six pairs of eyes innocently meet you when you enter the room.

BTS Reaction - Their child runs on stage

Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. They are all sitting on the floor, toys scattered around them. The two boys nod in agreement. Next to you, you can hear how hard Yoongi is trying to keep in his laughter. Small chuckles managing to escape before he fully bursts into laughter.Seokjin would probably joke around with you, no matter how serious you are about it.

You both have gorgeous smiles. Originally posted by myloveseokjin. Originally posted by minsbutt. Hoseok would be Heart. Originally posted by hoseoks-angel. Namjoon would also be a pretty extreme father. Originally posted by kpopbesties. Jimin would be devastated, maybe even tear up at the thought of his little nugget sobbing into your arms. To both of your surprise, however, your child hears his voice and comes running in, so no time for crying.

Jimin flashes a big smile, happy to see his little baby. Originally posted by heoljimin. Taehyung would be very positive about the whole situation. At least, it works whenever you were gone for long periods. Originally posted by jktaek. Jungkook would actually be pretty shocked when you answer the phone as you, yourself, have been crying.

Originally posted by seesaw-games. I hope you like it!!! Posted on September 10, with notes bts bts reactions bangtan boys bangtan boys reactions seokjin jin yoongi suga hoseok jhope namjoon rm jimin taehyung v jungkook kookie requested.So basically this app is only useful for premium members. This Cricket Predictions App is free and will remain free forever. We have invested and will keep investing a lot of money, manpower and time into this app so use it.

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You must have spent fortune on this app. Majority of users are from India and subcontinent. Most of our users have Android phone. We can build iPhone app but problem will be distribution and usage. Apple doesn't allow gambling apps in Indian subcontinent and we will not have many users.

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bts reaction to their child calling you mommy

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